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About Franone Mining

Who we are

Franone Mining today is among the fastest-growing mining companies in Tanzania emerging to be the leading colored stones producer in the region. We are a successful Tanzanian-focused gemstone miner with more than 13 years of experience as a miner having produced Carats of gems.

Since its establishment in 2009, the company has acquired Primary licenses and developed 5 of them to fully mining operations. Current mining activities are taking place in Mirelani Tanzanite mine PML NO one of the well mechanized modern mines.

After investing significant effort, time, and resources in building a world-class, unique, and fully integrated mining value chain in the Tanzanite mining, we are now focused on the expansion of mining operations which will require a Mining license with a big area to accommodate the growing demand of this beautiful blue stone.

The modern and well-mechanized Shaft, being the deepest decline in Mirelani Tanzanite mines is running at 1.2 km deep and driving to about 2kms exploration and development tunnels.

Franone mining as a leading colored stones producer in Tanzania is also involved in the mining of Spinel in Mahenge, Mulenga district Morogoro, where the most beautiful red spinel occurs. The Mahenge area is the second most active gemstone mining area in Tanzania after Mirelani.

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Franone mining whose head office is in Dar es salaam, in less than ten years’ time has successfully established three big mines in Mirelani and two operations in the Mahenge area with an interest in mining Tanzanite and Spinel gemstones respectively.

Throughout the operation, the company is committed to Health, Safety & Environment, and quality service to our people and surrounding community. We recognize communities, employees, business partners, suppliers, and customers as stakeholders. We are committed to continual improvement in our performance and zero harm to our workmen and the Environment

Our mining system is consistent with Tanzanian government mining regulations and organizational standards, legislation, and other relevant requirements.

Franone mining is proud to be an award-winning company in the category of the best taxpayer in the gemstone mining sector 2021.

Company overview

Founded in 2009, Franone mining vision is to be a committed and recognized colored gemstone mining company in Tanzania. We mine to create a value chain for our people, surrounding communities, and stakeholders with an ambition to grow as a big mining company.

We are guided by our Code of Conduct and our values of thinking safely first, respecting each other, working together, doing what we say, and wanting to be better. Business transparency is our key value throughout our operations. We are committed to responsible environmental and social performance and effective governance of our operations. We operate and develop Tanzanite and Spinel gemstone projects in Mirelani and Mahenge area.

Franone is presently focused on the exploration and mining of Tanzanite in Meralani and Spinel in mahenge Gemfield districts. Franone principal activities in 2022 will include expanding and developing new prospects in Tanzanite mines. In view of the Company’s strong cash position, an active search is also underway for one or more new mineral exploration projects in Tanzania or elsewhere. The Company’s board and technical team are highly experienced in the management, gemstone exploration, and competent mining within Tanzania.

Mining operations

Franone operations include Mirelani Tanzanite mine complex which consists of block B and D underground mines and one vertical shaft used for ventilation purpose. Two opencast mines in Mahenge  for spinel.